About SoundTheology

SoundTheology provides significant faith-related historic audio programs from many faith traditions. Program formats include interviews, radio programs, speeches, lectures, and sermons. Subjects range widely and include theology, civil rights, history, and a full range of social issues.

While this collection includes audio programs from many denominations, schools, and organizations, it also includes the majority of the audio program holdings of the United Methodist General Commission on Archives and History. And more of the Archives & History materials will be added throughout 2018.

This digitizing project began in May 2007, and continues today. If you would like to receive periodic updates about these additions, please use the form on this page, and we’ll be sure you hear from us during the year.

Sound Theology, by Charles Schultz
Charles Schultz, the author of “Peanuts”, is featured in 2 programs in this collection. Search for him in the “Selected Speakers” drop-down on the Audio Programs page.