Archive Partners and Recommended Sites

Many organizations and seminaries have shared their historical audio programs with this collection. They have sent their reel-to-reel and cassette tapes, or other program materials. We digitized the audio and returned the original materials, along with high-quality digital files. If the audio quality is good enough, it has been added to this collection. In the right column is a list of these program partners. You can search the collection for audio from any of these institutions. The links in the column to the right take you to their web sites.

This collection began in 2007 with United Methodist Communications and the United Methodist General Commission on Archives and History serving as the primary partners. Many other agencies and organizations have since participated, widening the scope to include other faith groups. The project is now independently managed, in conjunction with the United Methodist General Commission on Archives and History, solely to preserve important audio, and to make it available for you to hear.

Additional sites that may be helpful to you: