Methodist Theological School in Ohio





The Methodist Theological School in Ohio, commonly known by its initials “MTSO,” is a graduate theological school and seminary located in Delaware, Ohio. MTSO is one of the 13 official seminaries of The United Methodist Church. In addition to The United Methodist Church, MTSO students represent over 20 other Christian denominations and other faith perspectives.

Randomly chosen program from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio:

Report on Trip to Jackson, Mississippi, 1964
Speaker(s):  John Dickhaut, Jeffrey Hopper, Everett Tilson, Van Bogard Dunn, Paul Minus
Date of Recording:  1964

Description:   A class hears about a courageous and historic trip four of their faculty members made to Jackson, Mississippi to integrate a White Methodist church on Easter morning, 1964. MTSO Dean Van Bogard Dunn and faculty members Jeffrey Hopper, Paul Minus, and Everett Tilson had been arrested and jailed for attempting to worship along with three other White professors and two young Black men. That trip was part of an effort that led to a national church ban on enforced segregation in Methodist Churches. John Dickhaut speaks first. At 4:25, Jeffery Hopper provides the background of the event. At 11:32, Everett Tilson talks about meetings held in Jackson. At 21:43, Van Bogard Dunn details the events of Sunday morning, March 29, 1964. And at 30:22 Paul Minus speaks about events following the arrest. Read the full story in the the article, "Easter in Jackson, Mississippi, 1964," by Carter Dalton Lyon. A PDF of this article is at:
Length:  36:12