Methodist Theological School in Ohio





The Methodist Theological School in Ohio, commonly known by its initials “MTSO,” is a graduate theological school and seminary located in Delaware, Ohio. MTSO is one of the 13 official seminaries of The United Methodist Church. In addition to The United Methodist Church, MTSO students represent over 20 other Christian denominations and other faith perspectives.

Randomly chosen program from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio:

The Book of Romans, Class 01
Speaker(s):  Van Bogard Dunn
Date of Recording:  November 28, 1984

Description:   Class lecture by Dr. Van Bogard Dunn (1922-1994.) This class is the Introduction to the course and The Book of Romans. This was recorded during the winter quarter of 1984-85. Dunn was the dean at the school when it opened in 1959, became New Testament professor in 1981, and retired in 1987.
Length:  1:23:34